What type of commercial doors should your business invest in?

There is a distinct difference between commercial and residential doors. The main one being that commercial doors have a much higher level of security and durability. As opposed to PVC or wooden doors, commercial doors tend to be made of steel. This helps to protect your business-critical belongings and keep sensitive information private. Knowing your premises are safe and secure with industrial doors creates a positive reputation for your business.

Not every door is suitable for every organisation. The type of commercial door that you require will be dependent on your business’ operations. Warehouses, factories and industrial estates will require robust and high-speed doors. Other commercial properties, including retail, education and healthcare, need secure doors that are aesthetically pleasing for the user. Here are four key types of commercial doors that your business should invest in:

Roller shutter doors
Roller shutter doors are designed primarily for security. The thick steel ensures your premises are protected from potential break-ins and act as a deterrent for thieves and vandals. Their durable and long-lasting properties are resistant to extreme weathering. The fast electronics ensure your heat and light isn’t lost from doors that are open for a long time. Made from steel, the doors are fire resistant and will keep the blaze contained safely until professional help arrives.

Sectional doors
Sectional doors are similar to roller doors but are made up of separate sections rather than a single panel. When the door is up, it folds neatly and compactly to sit beneath the ceiling. Sectional doors create a seamless, flat appearance making them ideal for customer-facing businesses. With a similar operating system to roller shutter doors, they allow quick access for loading, unloading, entry and exit. Sectional doors can withstand a large volume of usage therefore ideal for industrial premises with a high workload.

High-speed doors
High-speed doors’ main priority is to open and close as quickly as possible. For businesses needing advanced security, high-speed doors are worth the investment. They prevent staff from accessing unauthorised areas and stop the public from trespassing on your property. They’re the ideal door for businesses dealing with cold storage that need to ensure the temperature doesn’t escape. This helps to reduce your energy consumption and save business costs. High-speed doors keep out foliage, animals and reduce noise pollution from inside your factory or warehouse.

Security doors
Security doors and grilles ensure your property is protected from the outside while keeping an attractive appearance. This type of door is ideal for retailers who use pedestrian entrances that aren’t as robust or durable as industrial doors. The grilles act as a deterrent for criminals attempting to break into your property. Their lattice structure is difficult to penetrate and the steel barriers are closed to remain out of sight during working hours. They can be securely locked with the multi-point locking system to ensure your premises are protected.

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