It’s important to maintain the functionality of your commercial doors and replace them when they no longer suit your business’ needs. A high volume of usage in industrial warehouses or factories can wear away at poor quality doors. When signs of damage start to show, you should find a high-quality replacement for your doors.

As security is a top priority for your business, you need to look out for signs that your doors may be on their way out. This way, you can find a suitable replacement as soon as possible. When your new doors are fitted, ongoing maintenance is required to ensure they continue to work safely and to their optimum level. Here are some things you need to watch out for in your commercial doors:

Faulty electronics
Although most doors are fitted with manual override systems, for ease of use and access your electronics must be working at full performance. If they begin to slow down, there’s a clear problem that needs addressing. If they stop moving completely or start jumping whilst in motion, your door will need repairing. This will ensure it can close safely. Your doors not being able to open and close is a security risk. It will enable people not authorised to enter your property and make you susceptible to break-ins.

Noisy door
If your door is experiencing issues, it’s likely to make strange and loud noises while moving. If this is the case, your door could have been installed incorrectly and need some attention. If this isn’t the case, parts of your door such as the springs, hinges or rollers could need lubrication. This will loosen them up and enable them to move smoothly. If the door’s parts are covered in rust, they’re likely to be old and need cleaning or replacing to ensure they work.

Broken parts
Your doors may have broken parts from weathering, break-ins, high-usage or industrial damage. If your door has appearance issues such as scratches or chips, these can be fixed by maintenance. This service is much more cost-effective than replacement. Damage like broken glass and bent metal likely needs replacing depending on the severity of the breakage. Breakages can lead to energy loss and increased consumption costs. It will also make your doors susceptible to criminal damage if left unattended.

If your door can’t be fixed with maintenance changes, it’s time to replace your commercial door. This is an opportunity to give your premises a new look through a seamless and modern appearance. Your doors are reflective of your business. Your premises must be secure, protected, insulated and durable to create a positive reputation.

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