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CRB Queue shelters and automatic door flow systems help stores operate safely under COVID-19 outbreak

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CRB door systems are leading the way in queue and flow systems for various industries across the UK,


Our queue system is ideal for shoppers having to wait outside during rain/windy weather all in line with social distancing there are different designs and layouts we can offer from shelters ranging from 1 meter to 10 metres long to trolley tunnels connected to the main queue tunnel. These waterproof tunnels can give shoppers the opportunity to queue in  dry wind free conditions and prevent them from discouraged to shop elsewhere Working in conduction with the queue shelter we can now offer automatic



flow systems with staff and security being stood at entrances this can be costly but also putting staff at risk this system counts people entering and once the set limit is reached it will not allow anyone else to enter the store until further customers have left the store working on a traffic light system on the main entrance. It will ensure that stores do not have excessive customers within the store and allow better social distancing within stores. This is a perfect solutions for people flow through various applications and can be incorporated into existing automatic door systems keeping key staff doing there previous roles and reducing costs for additional security  guards.



                                     Call 01709 525401-527508 to find out more and we are also offering the opportunity for customers to rent/buy the queue shelters


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