Roller shutter doors are a modern and cost-effective alternative to traditional garage doors. Hinged doors aren’t as secure or long-lasting at keeping your premises safe. Industrial roller shutter doors are a robust solution to keep your warehouse, factory or retail storage protected. Here are five key benefits of using roller shutter doors on your premises:

The main benefit of roller shutter doors is their strength. The thick industrial-strength metal demands great force and time to intrude should a criminal attempt to break-in. The steel doors act as a deterrent for anyone trying to access the building without permission.

By securing your premises, you ensure the public understand the measures in place to protect your resources. The electronic mechanism makes opening and closing your doors quick and easy. This provides instant protection should any problems arise.

Fire resistant
Made from steel, roller shutter doors are a safe solution for use in factories, warehouses and kitchens due to their fire resistant properties. The doors’ fast opening and durability can keep a fire contained while emergency services arrive.

The doors have a manual override facility in the event of a power failure. Should a fire spread and impact your electricity, the doors are fully operational.

If your premises are located on a busy site or public walkway, it’s important to protect your operations from prying eyes. For businesses with sensitive activities, roller shutter doors provide full privacy when closed. When your doors have to open, the fast functionality ensures don’t stay open for a long period.

The element of privacy also helps to deter vandals and thieves. If they’re unaware of the equipment kept behind your doors, they may be less likely to attempt a break-in.

The durability of the doors protects your premises from extreme weather. Rain, snow, wind, heat and cold can wear away at traditional doors and cause breakages. This results in heat loss and provides an opportunity for break-ins if not fixed immediately.

CRB’s roller shutter doors come with a five year guarantee on all electronic components and a two year standard guarantee on all new doors. This provides you with value for money and peace of mind that your doors will stand the test of time.

Roller shutter doors need little maintenance after being fitted. Unlike traditional doors, the long-lasting, durable and secure properties mean you won’t have to replace your doors due to weathering or breakages.

The foam insulation, secure lock and precise installation keep your premises weather resistant. Without light and heat escaping, you can reduce your energy consumption and save costs. The quick operation time keeps heat trapped inside while allowing vehicles and pedestrians access to the building.

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